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Into Winter
Into Winter, well not quite just yet!

The programme for the first half of 2017 comes to an end this Friday when we hold our annual summer competition.

You can see this year’s winning entries by following the link on the “Home” page.

We are looking for suggestions for the second half and volunteers to organise or run sessions.  If you have thoughts on subjects you would like included, or venues for photoshoots let me know.  I propose that we finalise the programme at our meeting on Friday 14th July,  also as we missed out on the last editing and printing session due to my absence I will bring a printer and photo paper along to this session.

Chenies photoshoot 02/06/2017

Chenies church
Chenies church

Today we visited Chenies village, just up the road from our HQ.  Great to welcome Brian as a possible new member.  Look forward to seeing everyone’s shots in the next few weeks.


Recent activity

We have been on a number of photo-shoots this year.  On the whole the weather on the days we chose was overcast and not the best for great shots.  Last meeting we travelled to Whippendell Woods to photograph the bluebells. This time the weather was ideal and we look forward to seeing the shots at our next meeting.

Whippendell Woods
Bluebells in the woods

Mill End Community Day

Community Day
Tony and David manning our exhibit

Once again we were present at the Mill End Community Day.  This year we displayed some old photographic apparatus and a selection of photographs. The youngsters who visited our table were interested in the ‘ancient’ cameras we brought along.

The view from our side of the table

Latest news March 2017


Over the last few sessions we have spent some time sorting photographs for our Grand Union Project. We should have a chance to show these at the Mill End Community Day on 29th April.

Last week we went to Scott’s Bridge  for our first photo-shoot of the year, needless to say the weather was not good, but by concentrating efforts on close ups some interesting shots were taken. Hopefully one of these days we will pick a day when the weather is better.

At our meeting next Friday we will once again set up some studio lighting and practice some more portrait photography.  This is also a run through for the stand at the Community Day when as last year, we will offer to take portraits of attendees.


Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

We held our final meeting of 2016 on Friday 16th December.  We attached a digital projector to the laptop with the idea of making our images easier to view.  Unfortunately our venue does not have blinds so the ambient lighting didn’t help the picture quality.  I suppose the next idea is to acquire a large monitor, which should be much better in daylight conditions.

Roger & Chris experimenting with the projector
Roger and Chris experimenting with the projector

Our programme for the first half of 2017 can be found on the “About” button.  The first few sessions will concentrate on putting the Grand Union Project work together.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year

Macro Photography

Macro photography

Macro photography can be thought of simply as extreme close-ups. Sometimes special equipment is needed to get in really close, as with the shot above.  This is the balance wheel and hair spring of an antique pocket watch.  The shot was taken with a digital interchangeable lens camera and vintage bellows mounted on a small tripod, using a vintage 50mm, f1.4 lens, from the old 35mm SLR days, and a LED ringflash, mounted around the lens, in constant light mode.  If different makes or sizes of equipment are used, as was the case here, adaptor rings are needed to connect the pieces together.  Aperture, shutter speed and focus are all set manually.

Balance wheel endstone
Balance wheel endstone

The second image uses the same set up but this time with a 135mm f2.8 telephoto lens attached to the bellows, which allows you to get further away from the subject: useful when photographing insects or flowers. You can see the reflection of the ringflash in the endstone.

If you already have a digital interchangeable lens camera the set up accessories described above are all available second-hand or at reasonable prices on eBay.

The main challenges in Macro are lighting, focus and depth of field. There is the added difficulty of subject movement if you are attempting to shoot live insects etc.

Our session on Friday 4th November will be a practical Macro workshop where you can look at and try out equipment and maybe get some shots for our Winter Competition

Table Top session

Friday 7th October.

Today we had a practical Table Top session.  This is one of the genres of photography where the photographer has complete control of all aspects of the shot;  subject, composition, lighting, and camera settings. Members brought along interesting items to arrange and photograph, exploring  various settings and compositions.  You can shoot this sort of thing indoors in winter when the weather is inclement or any time just for fun using your own artistic talents.

Iris and Christine, in the kitchen, also had an interesting item for us to take photos of!

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