Friday’s Photo expedition

Friday’s photo expedition

After a great week of February sunshine Friday turned out to be a dull flat day weatherwise.  Normally we would not have considered taking our cameras for a walk but despite everything we had a really enjoyable morning around Rickmansworth.  I think we all learned something: we will see at the next meeting when we view our results!

Regular Meetings starting again in February

Blood Moon
Blood Moon

Following our meeting this morning we have agreed to restart regular meetings from February.  We will meet on the first and third Friday of each month, apart from Bank Holidays.  We have decided to concentrate on taking photographs together and then to review the results at the following meeting.

Our first meeting will be on Friday 1st February at 10.00 when we will be shooting indoor photos at The Mill.  Most of our members use compact cameras so we will start by exploring the “Auto” setting and discovering it’s advantages and disadvantages. We hope that all members will bring their shots along to the next meeting on a USB stick so we can view them on the computer screen.

Meetings to resume after Christmas

Winter time

I have had several requests to restart the club.  I will arrange an initial programme commencing in January and see how many people would be interested to come along on a regular basis.  If anyone has ideas for inclusion please let me know asap.  When the winter weather is over I would like to have some practical sessions when we venture outside to collectively photograph a subject.  So if you are one of those interested spread the word and keep a look out for future news.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.


Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays

Our last meeting before we break for the summer will be Friday 29th June.  This will also be the day for our summer competition, subject “Shadows”. Judging will be as usual where all present at The Mill that morning are asked to vote for their three favourite photographs.

We will recommence meetings after the summer break on Friday 7th September.

Winter Competition Results

The winning entries in this year’s Winter Competition are shown above.  The subject was reflections and as usual everyone present at The Mill Cafe this morning picked their three favourite entries.  This method of judging places more emphasis on photographic appeal than technical correctness.  So a big thank you to all our volunteer judges.

The winners in merit order were: 1, Stocker’s Lake (Alan)    2, Springwell Lake (Alan)        3, St Paul’s (Tony)     4, Grand Union Reflection (Tony)   5, Aquadrome  (Tony).                Click on the thumbnails for a closer look.

p.s.   In case you are wondering other members did enter photographs!


Winter Competition


Our winter competition will be held on 1st December.  The subject is “Reflections” in its broadest sense and is open to all types of interpretation.  We are hoping for some creative ideas and I look forward to seeing the entries.

You may enter up to 4 photographs, either colour or monochrome, which you should print and bring along on the day. Judging will be by the usual method.

Check your settings



We were playing with various editing software packages this morning. David had brought along some of his holiday photos on the SD card from his camera.  He had tried to load the images onto a USB memory stick earlier without success. Thinking no more of this we loaded a few of his images to the hard drive ready for editing.  That’s when we started having problems.  Only a few of the software packages could find the images and even Photoshop wouldn’t open them!  After some head scratching it suddenly dawned on us that he had taken the shots in RAW, something David has never done before!  After checking his camera we found he had somehow set it to save only RAW images.  Fortunately he can download UFraw software for free and convert his images to jpeg, but that will take some time!  Always check that your camera is set correctly before taking shots and check the displays regularly to make sure nothing has changed accidentally.