Check your settings



We were playing with various editing software packages this morning. David had brought along some of his holiday photos on the SD card from his camera.  He had tried to load the images onto a USB memory stick earlier without success. Thinking no more of this we loaded a few of his images to the hard drive ready for editing.  That’s when we started having problems.  Only a few of the software packages could find the images and even Photoshop wouldn’t open them!  After some head scratching it suddenly dawned on us that he had taken the shots in RAW, something David has never done before!  After checking his camera we found he had somehow set it to save only RAW images.  Fortunately he can download UFraw software for free and convert his images to jpeg, but that will take some time!  Always check that your camera is set correctly before taking shots and check the displays regularly to make sure nothing has changed accidentally.

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